Perfect Choice HD

"Perfect Choice HD is the personal sound amplifier that’s like reading glasses for your ears!"

The Simple, Easy Solution to Increasing the Sound Volume

Perfect Choice HD is the simple and affordable solution for those that want to "turn up the volume" around them - especially conversations. The unit comes pre-programmed and is ready to use right out of the box, so it’s the hassle-free choice that you can begin enjoying immediately. It’s engineered by audiologists to accurately amplify sounds and deliver them to your ear. Plus - you can adjust the volume to suit your specific needs, whether you’re having a personal conversation or sitting in a noisy restaurant.

Beyond just making sounds louder, the Perfect Choice HD brings sounds in clearer and crisper, making voices easier to understand. Imagine the next time your favorite television show is on, that you’re are able to clearly hear what’s being said without having to crank up the volume to unpleasant levels. It’s great for restaurants, parties, lectures, sermons, meetings and more!

The PSAP that Saves you Money - It’s the Affordable Solution.

Best of all, PerfectChoice HD is comfortable and discreet. The lightweight case nestles behind your ear. The clear hearing tube connects to a flexible tip that fits comfortably into your ear canal. No one needs to know that you’re using it, and no one needs to know it didn’t cost you thousands of dollars.

Why spend another day struggling to understand what your friends, children, grandchildren - even your favorite TV characters - are saying?

Don’t wait...don’t miss out on another conversation...get yours now!


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