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The NEW Perfect Choice HD Ultra is the personal sound amplifier that’s
simple to use, hard to see and easy to afford!

Turn up the volume
with Perfect Choice HD Ultra!

This PSAP is the simple and affordable solution for those that want to increase the sound volume around them - especially conversations.

Whereas hearing aids can only be sold by licensed audiologists and can cost upwards of $5,000 for the product, this PSAP doesn’t require an appointment with a doctor nor a PHD to set it up for use. It’s ready to go nearly as soon as you open the box! And, with its unique Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) design, you can count on more volume and clarity than other Behind-The-Ear (BTE) units. Simply put, the speaker actually sits comfortably in your ear canal as opposed to behind your ear. This design makes the Perfect Choice HD Ultra’s Behind-The-Ear unit much smaller while still maximizing sound quality.

Beyond just making sounds louder, Perfect Choice HD Ultra brings sounds in clearer and crisper, making voices easier to understand. With its amazing Voice Priority Noise Reduction circuitry, it’s designed to focus on and boost voices and reduce unnecessary background noises, such as conversations at other tables in a restaurant. What’s more, thanks to dual directional microphones, the Perfect Choice HD Ultra emphasizes sounds in the direction that you’re facing which further reduces bothersome sounds that you’re not interested in. Imagine the next time your favorite television show is on, that you are able to clearly hear what’s being said without having to crank up the volume to unpleasant levels. It’s great for restaurants, parties, lectures, sermons, meetings and more!


Why People Choose Perfect Choice HD Ultra

Perfect Choice HD Ultra
Is Comfortable & Nearly Invisible

Best of all, Perfect Choice HD Ultra is ultra comfortable and ultra discreet. The lightweight casing nestles behind your ear - not stuck inside it. A clear, hard to see tube helps conceal the tiny signal wire which connects to the speaker and attached flexible ear dome which fit comfortably in your ear canal. No one needs to know that you’re using it, and no one needs to know it didn’t cost you thousands of dollars.


Don’t forget... after you’ve received your new Perfect Choice HD Ultra we’ll even help you set it up. Our experts will walk you through the easy-to-follow process of setting and using your unit(s). They’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have too!

Why spend another day struggling to understand what your friends, children, grandchildren - even your favorite TV characters - are saying?

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