About Perfect Choice HD Ultra

Perfect Choice HD Ultra is a Personal Sound Amplification Product, or PSAP.

It’s a "one size fits many" solution when you want to turn up the volume of human speech - and not everything else along with it.

Perfect Choice HD Ultra Amplifies Human Speech

Perfect Choice HD Ultra is specifically engineered and tuned to amplify the sound frequencies most commonly associated with human speech. It even has three pre-optimized settings for a quiet environment, dialogue boost, and one for crowded places such as a party or busy restaurant, lectures or performances.

Virtually Invisible

Modern Technology to the Rescue

For years, PSAPs have remained similar in the way that they are designed. While they have helped countless people hear better, changes in technology and innovations have finally allowed for a better, smarter and more convenient solution. With features like the exclusive Dynamic Speech Enhancement (DSE) and the tried and true Behind-the-Ear design, the Perfect Choice HD Ultra is today’s solution for those that want to ‘turn up the volume’, more affordably than ever. It’s time to hear what you’ve been missing. Give Perfect Choice HD Ultra a try today! Speak to a specialist now by calling 888-679-3645.

Virtually Invisible

Designed To Be Heard, Not Seen

The perfect hearing helper would let you hear what’s being said...without your being self-conscious that people know you’re wearing something in your ear. Our Behind-the-Ear (BTE) unit gives you the best of both worlds? It does its job while being comfortable and discreet.

The small, very lightweight unit hides behind your ear - not inside it. Only a thin, clear tube and ear bud reach around to your ear. They won’t make you feel like you have something stuck in your ear. Better still, they’re practically invisible!


Our brains are wired in stereo, not mono, relying on both ears equally to process the sounds around us. In addition, the most common form of hearing loss, age-related hearing loss, affects both ears. Utilizing a pair of Perfect Choice HD Ultras drastically increases the understanding of speech, doubles the radius of your hearing range and quadruples your overall hearing distance.

Why spend another day struggling to understand what your friends, children, grandchildren - even your favorite TV characters - are saying?

Don’t wait...don't miss out on another conversation... get yours now!

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