About Perfect Choice HD Ultra

Perfect Choice HD Ultra is a Personal Sound Amplification Product, or PSAP.

It’s a "one size fits many" solution when you want to turn up the volume of speech - and not everything else along with it. The Perfect Choice HD Ultra is an excellent alternative to always asking people to repeat themselves... or worse yet, feeling isolated because you’re missing out on what’s being said.

Virtually Invisible
Virtually Invisible

PSAPs Are Not Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are meant for people with specific, medically-diagnosed hearing problems such as prolonged exposure to loud noises or hereditary hearing loss. Hearing aids are doctor-prescribed, custom manufactured, require multiple office visits for testing, diagnosis and fittings, and can cost thousands of dollars for each ear. They are specifically ‘tuned’ to aid with the exact frequencies that the user has difficulty hearing, whereas a PSAP is ‘tuned’ to meet the needs of somebody with average hearing loss.

Perfect Choice HD Ultra Amplifies Human Speech

Perfect Choice HD Ultra is specifically engineered and tuned to amplify the sound frequencies most commonly associated with human speech. With its proprietary Voice Priority Noise Reduction circuitry, it focuses on and boosts voices while reducing annoying background noises. For example, it is designed to make it easier to hear the person across the table from you in a restaurant, while helping to block out the ambient noises across the room.

Another aspect of the Perfect Choice HD Ultra that differentiates it from other PSAPs is its dual directional microphones. Essentially, these two microphones help pick up sound that is the most important to you, such as the conversations and sounds in the direction in which you’re facing. Other PSAPs utilize omnidirectional microphones which pick up sounds from all directions have the potential to pick up much more background noise.

Virtually Invisible
Virtually Invisible

Designed To Be Heard, Not Seen

The Perfect Choice HD Ultra utilizes a unique Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) design. This design puts the speaker, also known as the receiver in your ear, whereas some designs house the speaker behind the ear, requiring the sound to travel through a tiny tube that funnels sound into the ear. Additionally, the Receiver-in-Ear design helps to make sounds more crisp and clear so you can better make out what is being said. Another added bonus to this design is that it makes the behind-the-ear unit much smaller and more lightweight, so it’s more comfortable and harder for others to notice.

Modern Technology to the Rescue

For years, PSAPs have remained similar in the way that they are designed. While they have helped countless people hear better, changes in technology and innovations have finally allowed for a better, smarter and more convenient solution. With features like the exclusive Voice Priority Noise Reduction and the Receiver-in-Canal design, the Perfect Choice HD Ultra is today’s solution for those that want to ‘turn up the volume’, more affordably then ever. It’s time to hear what you’ve been missing. Give Perfect Choice HD Ultra a try today by using our easy checkout or speak to a specialist now by calling 888-997-2404.


Don’t forget... after you’ve received your new Perfect Choice HD Ultra we’ll even help you set it up. Our experts will walk you through the easy-to-follow process of setting and using your unit(s). They’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have too!

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