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About Perfect Choice HD Ultra 

Is Perfect Choice HD Ultra a hearing aid?

No, Perfect Choice HD Ultra is not a hearing aid. It is a personal sound amplification product or PSAP. Learn more about these products by visiting our "What is a PSAP?" page.

Is Perfect Choice HD Ultra easily concealable? How small is it?

Yes. It’s virtually invisible! The small unit tucks discreetly behind your ear and the speaker sits comfortably inside your ear canal. The Perfect Choice HD Ultra is very small and lightweight. It is similar in size to half of an average person’s pinky finger. In the image below, you can see its size compared to a penny.

Can it tell the difference between voices and other sounds or noises?

Yes. Perfect Choice HD Ultra’s ability to amplify human voices while suppressing other unnecessary noises is one of its main benefits over other PSAPs.

Does Perfect Choice HD Ultra amplify everything including background noise?

The Perfect Choice HD Ultra is designed to only amplify sound frequencies most commonly associated with conversation. In addition, it features ambient noise reduction circuitry which eliminates that annoying background "hum" that other devices would amplify.

Does it have or cause feedback?

No. Perfect Choice HD Ultra was engineered to eliminate annoying feedback, even during phone calls.

Does Perfect Choice HD Ultra require fitting?

No, the Perfect Choice HD Ultra does not require fitting by a doctor or audiologist. We provide everything necessary for the product to comfortably fit virtually anyone.

What are the parts of Perfect Choice HD Ultra made of?

The ear dome of the Perfect Choice HD Ultra that goes inside of your ear is made of hypoallergenic silicone. The main unit, which tucks behind your ear, is made of durable plastic.

What type of battery does Perfect Choice HD Ultra use?

The Perfect Choice HD Ultra uses one Zinc Air 312 standard hearing aid battery. These batteries are available for purchase at or your local superstore (WalMart, Target, etc.).

How long does a battery typically last in my Perfect Choice HD Ultra?

Battery life is strongly dependent on usage and whether or not it is turned off when not in use. On average, if the unit is turned off when not being used (especially overnight), batteries last approximately 7-10 days.

Can I purchase replacement parts for my Perfect Choice HD Ultra?

Yes. Replacement parts are available for purchase simply by calling a Perfect Choice HD Ultra specialist at 800-958-8324.

What should I do if I’ve misplaced my user manual?

You can access a digital copy of the Perfect Choice HD Ultra user manual by visiting our Manuals Page. From there, you can read the user manual online or print out a new copy to keep. Also, don’t hesitate to give one of our Perfect Choice HD Ultra specialists a call at 800-958-8324 with any questions or concerns.

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Using Perfect Choice HD Ultra 

What is the proper way to turn Perfect Choice HD Ultra on and off?

The process to turn the unit on and off is simple. To turn the unit off, slide the battery door on the bottom of the unit out far enough to disengage the battery. Conversely, to turn the unit on, slide the battery door into the unit completely to reengage the battery.

How do I control the volume levels?

Volume levels are controlled by the rocker switch conveniently located on the back of the main unit. For specific instructions on how to change volume levels, we recommend consulting the instruction manual or a friendly Perfect Choice HD Ultra specialist at 800-958-8324.

If I have trouble setting up my Perfect Choice HD Ultra for the first time, what should I do?

First, you’ll want to watch the DVD that we provide with every Perfect Choice HD Ultra. It gives a basic walk-through of how to set the product up for the first time. Additionally, we offer free one-on-one setup assistance via telephone. Simply call 800-958-8324 to speak with one of our friendly Perfect Choice HD Ultra specialists.

Do I need a Perfect Choice HD Ultra for each ear?

The brain processes hearing signals from both ears for improved clarity and a more balanced sound. You will be able to hear much better with two hearing aids; your satisfaction with the devices will be much higher. If you use only one hearing aid but have hearing difficulty in both ears, the brain has to process two different sound and clarity levels, which makes it more difficult to obtain a clear understanding of the sound signal. Although it’s not required, customers with hearing loss in both ears often get much better results by purchasing a Perfect Choice HD Ultra for each ear.

Can I get my Perfect Choice HD Ultra wet?

No, the Perfect Choice HD Ultra is not designed to get wet and should not be worn while swimming or bathing. However, the unit does utilize a nano coating which protects it against moisture like sweat or rain. If your Perfect Choice HD Ultra gets exposed to moisture, it’s a good idea to take it off and wipe it down with a dry cloth.

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Your Perfect Choice HD Ultra Purchase 

Does Perfect Choice HD Ultra work for absolutely everyone?

No. Although the Perfect Choice HD Ultra is designed to help a wide range of people with differing needs, it’s not the perfect solution for everyone. That’s why we offer FREE one-on-one personal set up assistance. Our experts can help you set your new Perfect Choice HD Ultra to its optimal settings for you. If it’s still not performing to your satisfaction, they can put you in contact with Customer Service to provide return policy details.

Perfect Choice HD Ultra just isn’t working for my needs. Can I return it?

We offer a free Personal Training & Setup Call to every new Perfect Choice HD Ultra customer. This service helps you get familiar with adjusting the settings to your liking and wearing the product. After you have tried your Perfect Choice HD Ultra, if it does not perform to your satisfaction, please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-958-8324 for details on how to proceed with your return. All returns are subject to a 5% restocking fee. The customer is responsible for return shipping.

What sort of warranty is offered on my Perfect Choice HD Ultra?

Perfect Choice HD Ultra is backed by a one year warranty that protects your investment against malfunctions caused by manufacturer defects.

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Our brains are wired in stereo, not mono, relying on both ears equally to process the sounds around us. In addition, the most common form of hearing loss, age-related hearing loss, affects both ears. Utilizing a pair of Perfect Choice HD Ultras drastically increases the understanding of speech, doubles the radius of your hearing range and quadruples your overall hearing distance.

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