PERSONAL SOUND Amplification Products

What is a PSAP?

PSAP stands for Personal Sound Amplification Product. From time to time, they are also referred to as Personal Sound Amplifiers. To put it simply, PSAP’s are small, electronic products that amplify sound. However, it’s important to note that not all personal sound amplifiers are created equal. Some PSAP’s simply amplify sound across all frequencies.

Other PSAP’s, like Perfect Choice HD Ultra, utilize digital signal processing to specifically boost frequencies associated with human speech. As for the products themselves, there are two main types of PSAP’s: in-ear units and open-ear or behind-the-ear (BTE) units. Read on to find out more about personal sound amplification products.

Perfect Choice HD Ultra

Who Needs a PSAP?

If you want to "turn up the volume" of the world around you, then a Personal Sound Amplifier may be right for you. Here’s 3 common situations where a PSAP may be helpful:

  • Is the TV or radio turned up so loud that it’s uncomfortable?
  • Do you have difficulty with noisier environments like restaurants, meetings, lectures, etc.?
  • Does it feel like you’re not connecting with people like you used or even over the phone?

Digital sound processing technology in a PSAP like Perfect Choice HD Ultra offers an affordable solution that can improve the quality of your life.

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Benefits of PSAP’s

In just the last few years, the personal sound amplification product market has grown considerably. Units now range from very cheap models that just make all sounds louder to quality models like the Perfect Choice HD Ultra with digital signal processing that amplifies specific frequency ranges around human speech. Although there is a wide range of different types of PSAP’s on the market today, all of them have similar advantages.

The first benefit of a PSAP is its affordable pricing. While PSAP’s range in price considerably, even the most expensive units fall well below the $1,000 mark. When you take into account what you’re gaining by owning a Perfect Choice HD Ultra, hearing details that you’ve previously been missing, you’ll agree that the price is a tremendous value.

In addition to the affordability of a PSAP the best PSAP’s, like Perfect Choice HD Ultra, are designed to specifically boost speech. After all, we all cherish conversations with loved ones, our favorite television shows, sermons or lectures, etc. These PSAP’s utilize unique digital signal processing circuitry which boosts all manners of speech while leaving background noise where it should be, in the background.

Finally, most have adjustable volume levels and programs that are easily adjusted to any user’s needs. Perfect Choice HD Ultra, for instance, has 3 program modes and 10 volume levels to optimize your listening experience specifically for you and your environment.

PSAP Comparison Guide

While we’re proudly biased in believeing Perfect Choice HD Ultra is the best PSAP available, we also realize that it’s not right for everybody. Here’s a simple checklist to help you pick the PSAP that’s right for you.

Amplifies Human Speech

Get a PSAP that, rather than boosting everything, boosts human speech without also boosting background noise.

Digital Signal Processing

Get a PSAP that uses digital signal processing for the best possible sound quality.

Customizable Settings for You

Get a PSAP that has multiple program and volume settings to customize your experience.

Open Ear Design

Get a PSAP that sits comfortably behind your ear as opposed to inside it.

Dual Directional Microphones

Get a PSAP that emphasizes sounds in the direction in which you are facing.

Virtually Invisible While in Use

Get a PSAP that hides discreetly behind your ear and delivers sound through a clear tube.

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Our brains are wired in stereo, not mono, relying on both ears equally to process the sounds around us. In addition, the most common form of hearing loss, age-related hearing loss, affects both ears. Utilizing a pair of Perfect Choice HD Ultras drastically increases the understanding of speech, doubles the radius of your hearing range and quadruples your overall hearing distance.

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