HOW Perfect Choice HD Ultra WORKS

Using Perfect Choice HD Ultra

Perfect Choice HD Ultra is a new, technologically advanced personal sound amplification product (PSAP) that gives you both the added volume you need, plus better overall clarity. It’s designed to amplify human speech, so the people in your life come in louder AND more understandable.

It enhances the activities you love... an evening at the theatre... phone calls with friends & family... listening to TV... a sermon or meeting... a party... and more! Best of all, it provides high quality digital audio, so sounds are clearer and more "alive" and conversations are easier to understand. Let’s get started!

Wearing Perfect Choice

Perfect Choice HD Ultra sits behind your ear - not inside it. This is called an open ear or behind the ear (BTE) design PSAP. A thin, clear tube runs from the front of the unit to an ear bud that goes into the opening of your ear canal. To get started, just put the unit behind your ear as shown. Then insert the ear bud into the ear canal until it is secure and comfortable. If the unit feels loose when you move your head, you can place the optional retention tube into the back of the ear to further secure the unit.

Wearing anything new around your ear will feel different for a few days. Perfect Choice HD Ultra is extremely light (less than 1 ounce), so you will get used it quickly. We include two different hearing tubes and several different ear bud sizes so you can customize the fit to your ear.

Turn Up the Volume
Turn Up the Volume

Changing the Volume

Unlike many PSAP’s, we’ve made changing volume and programming mode so easy that you don’t even need to take it off. There is just one simple rocker switch on the back side of the unit.

To change the volume, just briefly press the rocker switch up to increase volume or down to lower volume. It works exactly like you think it would work. Adjust the volume with a separate push for each step up or down. The voice prompts will let you know what setting you are on and when you’ve reached maximum and minimum volume settings.

Changing Settings

Perfect Choice HD Ultra includes three different settings for daily listening, dialogue enhancement and directional mics for noisier environments like a restaurant. Each is pre-programmed to boost human speech without boosting all the other background noises.

Changing between these settings is simple as well. Just press the single programming button above rocker switch to change modes. Each press of the programming button will progress to the next mode. The Perfect Choice HD Ultra will confirm the new mode with a voice prompt corresponding with the new mode.

  • Daily Listening
  • Voice Boost/Dialogue Enhancement
  • Crowded Room

One more tip - some users find it easier to make changes to settings if they gently insert their thumb into their ear to hold the unit in place against their head while pressing the necessary buttons.

Changing Batteries

The battery compartment is located on the bottom end of the Perfect Choice HD Ultra device. Simply slide the battery compartment open with your fingernail. Insert the new battery with the positive side (indicated with a + sign) facing upward. Gently close the battery compartment and it’s ready to go.

Note that Perfect Choice HD Ultra uses one "312" battery, which are widely available at drug and discount stores. If you prefer, you can order a 4 pack from firstSTREET by clicking here.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe the Perfect Choice HD Ultra clean daily. To remove wax from the ear bud and tube, first gently twist the end of the tube that attaches to the Perfect Choice HD Ultra unit until it is removed. Then, thread the cleaning tool all the way through the tube and ear bud.



Our brains are wired in stereo, not mono, relying on both ears equally to process the sounds around us. In addition, the most common form of hearing loss, age-related hearing loss, affects both ears. Utilizing a pair of Perfect Choice HD Ultras drastically increases the understanding of speech, doubles the radius of your hearing range and quadruples your overall hearing distance.

Why spend another day struggling to understand what your friends, children, grandchildren - even your favorite TV characters - are saying?

Don’t wait...don't miss out on another conversation... get yours now!

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